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WEDNESDAYS, 10:00 am to 2:00 pm – NEWLY ADDED!

Affirmations, 290 W. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale, Michigan, 48220

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PEER-COUNSELING is a space to skill-build,
talk through concerns, goal-set and find support from
members of your own community


Transcend the Binary is dedicated in the fight to create change on behalf of our transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming community, as well as skill-building, empowering, and supporting the beautiful individuals in our community.  Over the past several years, we have worked diligently to tackle real-world problems beyond our transition planning T/GNC services. Transcend, with support from the University of Michigan, has driven community-led research initiatives. This research has been conducted with the same academic rigor as funded, university-led initiatives.  The purpose of the research was for the community to create tools to support one another and advocate within the cisgender community. From Finding Our Strength we learned about how our community, as a minority group, is  impacted in our day-to-day lives by adverse social climates, lack of access to resources, and challenges with obtaining social support. Beyond just the raw numbers (that can immensely help us gain attention from the cisgender community to implement the change our community deserves) we learned a lot about our community’s needs.  The stress we face within our community is real. It is pervasive. And it impacts our health.

We deserve better. That is why our education branch of our organization is focused on creating change within the health care system. This is why our research team has presented at WPATH, American Pharmacy Association, Michigan Primary Care Association, and created CE courses for pharmacists. This is why we are working at looking at how our data can inform policy changes. This is why we have created an Trans-Led Advisory Board across the state.

We also know that creating long-lasting social change takes time. We deserve to the space to focus on ourselves. We deserve the space to build on our own continuous improvement. We deserve support in setting and reaching our goals. We deserve spaces where we can lean on one another – those who have gone through this experiences, and are trained in best practices of support facilitation. We deserve a strong community where we can be embraced, and learn from each other. 

Because of this, we launched the first implementation of our TGNC-led Peer Counseling initiative. This is the first program of its kind in the state of Michigan, creating spaces for one-on-one support for TGNC folks of all ages. 

This program has been developed with Peer Advocates, along with those with clinical experience, including Social Workers, Therapist, Pharmacists, and Physician.

It is created to address the issues that our community shared with us. Due to demand, and growth, Transcend has also expanded services to two days a week.  

We’re here to support trans/gender non-conforming folks,

as well as their families.

you are not alone

OUR MISSION is to empower

with supportive services and resources.


290 W. Nine Mile Rd, MI 48220

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By trans folx, for trans folx.

Transcend's provider education, consulting, ally training, and supportive services for trans/gender diverse folx are led by our community. Your support of our programs ensures that we continue to develop on the skills of trans/gender diverse aspiring clinicians, and more.