finding our strength
Community-driven research to get to the heart of our everyday, lived experiences. 


Many in our community brace for discrimination every day. So our initial research asks how do we cope with the daily burden of discrimination? What impact do our actions have on our health? How can we successfully cope and lower anxiety and depression, to improve our overall well-being?


Following the lead of community members, Transcend, with partners from the University of Michigan, is seeking answers to help you lower anxiety, depression and body dysphoria that is so prevalent in our community.

Hear our initial results at the 2017 WPATH program in Los Angeles in February.

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We sought to get to the heart of your day-to-day experience. 



Preliminary findings:  


suffer from severe anxiety


impacted daily by past trauma


often feel isolated

We also asked folks what helps? This community insight will be shared as advice for the community. We want to know what makes people’s quality of life improved. 


That’s why our data analysis seeks to get to the heart of meaningful trends relating to positive health outcomes. Our goal is to spread awareness on what hurts the community (and start to understand how inter-related the effects are on other modifying variables as well as healthoutcomes) to generate awareness, as well as promote positive solutions. 

Supporting our clients means supporting healthcare practicioners.
We want to educate,
so together, we can make a difference. 






February 2nd, 3rd, 2017

Los Angeles, CA




December 2017

Las Vegas, NV




June 2017

Lansing, MI






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our mission is to impact healthcare
let’s be the ripple effect
and partner together to build community strength


through 1.6.18


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