health is complex

“Health represents a positive state of wellness, strength and stability; not simply the absence of illness.”

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves 

# of trans/nonbinary folks in the U.S. (conservative estimate)


faced discrimination in the past year


have attempted suicide

our mission is to make sure

you aren’t alone

we’re advocates and champions,
fighting in your corner.

Find affirming Doctors

Hormone Consultations

Build your Support Team

community led, community driven

 Finding Our Strength    Research

improving awareness, improves care


The day-to-day lived experience of stress impacts health.

Coping Skills

Learn more about how we cope, to help one another better.

Needs Assessment

We want to get to the heart of what will make the most meaningful difference.

This research intends to get to the heart of our everyday life.  

We want to learn more, so we can help more.

Stay tuned as we continue to develop this data,  

and generate awareness. 

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